Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Anna's Top 5 Food-Shopping Tips

5. Keep a master list of favorite foods and ingredients.

You then check this list against what you have on hand. 

4. Try to avoid shopping on the weekends. 

The less my family enjoys grocery shopping, the more likely we are to spend on eating out. The best times to shop where we are include Wednesday or Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. 

3. Know what's in season.

Which is why you read this blog, right?

2. Use cash.

It is a foolproof way of sticking to a grocery budget.

(And my #1 tip for buying food is...)

1. Clean out the fridge before shopping.

Not only does this avoid duplicate purchases, but it may just yield an idea or two for dinner. This task can be done with minimal supervision by a child aged nine or ten.

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